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FMC 2018 AgriWebinar Series
An Introduction to the Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management (CTEAM) Strategy

Monday, March 26 @ Noon EST

Part 3: Overcoming Greed and Fear in Commodity Markets
Many farmers have trouble selling during price rallies because they fear that they may sell too soon. Unfortunately, this often results in a lower price once the rally ends. This webinar will introduce potential trading guidelines, through the use of futures, forward contracts and options, as tools for financial discipline and success.

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Also in this webinar series:

Part 1: Financial Benchmarks for Profitable Farms: A New Approach
This webinar presents a new approach to generating financial statements and how the resulting financial benchmarks can be applied on individual farms to improve operations and the bottom line.. During the presentation, specific applications of the benchmarks will be presented using actual data from a recent project with BDO Canada.

Part 2: A Trusted Framework for Developing Strategy and Strategic Planning on Canada’s Farms
This webinar presents the framework used in the Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management (CTEAM) program to help find the strategic focus that makes a farm successful. The combination of the CTEAM framework and the innovative approach to financial performance measures (from Part 1 of the series) will be used to demonstrate how participating farmers set the right goals for their own farms and implement management practices to achieve them.

Presented by:
Larry Martin
Principal, Agri-Food Management Excellence

Larry Martin is currently a principal in Agri-Food Management Excellence, Inc a management training company and Dr. Larry Martin and Associates, a consulting operation. He teaches and coaches managers of farms, agribusiness and food companies from both Canada and the United States. Larry is the principal instructor and teaches: CTEAM, CFAME, AME Alumni, Price Risk Management Courses and Custom Courses.He also writes and consults on agri-food policy, commodity markets and strategy. He has worked with a wide array of companies and organizations in developing their strategic and operational, and/or risk management plans. He writes a monthly column on commodity markets for Food in Canada magazine.

Larry is or has been a director of Ridley Canada, Lake Erie Farms, Taps Breweries Incorporated, Big Sky Farms, Coldspring Farms and a member of advisory boards for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Agriculture and Biotechnology Division of the Saskatchewan Research Council and of Burnbrae Farms. He is also a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

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To cultivate excellent Canadian farm business management, through awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices.