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A Perfect Match

If you want to hear the downside of equipment sharing, Chad Krikau can give you a couple of examples. But it’s a very short list. On the other hand, the benefits have not only been extensive, but critical in helping the 35-year-old Saskatchewan producer achieve his...

A Dream Team

When Johanne Cameron and Martin Brodeur-Choquette decided to start farming, they had a dream. But no land, buildings or equipment of their own. “When we went to the bank, they laughed at us,” recalls Cameron, with laughter of her own. “Not only were we starting from...

Manitoulin Island Community Abattoir

Local producer-led initiative and partners build abattoir to benefit producers, consumers and the community. The Manitoulin Island Community Abattoir Inc. (MICA) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization of local, livestock, producer-members formed to build and...

Groundbreaker’s Collective

In B.C.’s Bulkley Valley, a community organization has made local food a priority. Groundbreakers Collective is a social enterprise with a mission to promote the production and consumption of local food at fair value by linking food consumers, producers and social...

Organic Meadow Co-operative

Co-operative provides unique opportunity for Ontario farmers to collectively store, process and market organically grown products. For almost 25 years, Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc. has helped local organic farmers market grain, dairy and eggs. Today, Organic...

New farm families building the future on Patchwork Gardens

BATTERSEA, ON – It wasn’t until Ian Stutt headed off to university – where he got his degree in development studies – that he began to consider a career in agriculture. “I grew up in the west island of Montreal in suburban Beaconsfield, not in a rural area,” he...