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Write a commodity marketing strategy for your farm

Only about 25 per cent of Manitoba farmers have a commodity marketing strategy in place for 2015.  It’s important to remember that it’s never too late to get started, because good planning is key to successful commodity marketing. Here are...

Making a List…and Checking it Twice

I have acquired many effective time management tools over the years, in fact time management is one of the courses I most enjoy teaching. When deadlines are creeping upon me, I hone in on my daily list, create priorities and I “Eat that Frog”. Really, I have come to...

A Taxing Situation

Canadian farmers view Argentina as a global powerhouse – one of the world’s top exporters of soybeans, corn and wheat. But talk to Argentinean farmer David Hughes and you get a radically different perspective. In fact, Hughes says Job No. 1 for him is “surviving our...

Cash Advance

  It’s hard to say what’s more surprising about Ruth Klahsen: That 1,000 of her customers loaned her a half-million dollars to build her own cheese plant, or her blunt assessment of her wares. “Our cheeses aren’t good enough yet,” says the plain-spoken proprietor of...

Think Tank

It seems like a mystery: Studies show joining a farm management club boosts your bottom line, but the vast majority of farmers don’t belong to one. There’s a simple reason for that, says Richard Boonstoppel, a New Brunswick dairy farmer and current chair of...

No regrets

Farmland values have rocketed in the last few years, and now that grain and oilseed prices are falling, there will likely be more than a few cases of buyers’ remorse. But Ontario farmer Dwight Foster won’t be one of them. In addition to cash cropping and raising...