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Injuries Can Impact Farm Families for Life

Rejean Pommainville from Limoges, Ontario, is aging at the same pace as anyone else but he seems to feel it faster, which is painful for his wife Barbara Pommainville too, who can’t do anything to help him. All because of a farm injury. On July 17 2009, the...

Safety Pays

  When you focus on safety, says Yannick Lavoie, you’ll also find efficiencies. Yannick Lavoie knows how profoundly life can change in just a single moment. “My father had a small meat-processing business and one day when I was three and a half, I went to say hi to my...

Orienting Young, New or Returning Farm Workers

You know your farm like the back of your hand; but the same can’t be said for many of your workers, especially if they are young, new, or returning after a time away. And that can put them at risk of injury. So how do you convey details like hazards on the farm to...

Talking to Your Kids About Farm Safety

You would probably do just about anything to keep your kids safe on the farm. That’s what over 90 per cent of Canada’s farmers said in a farm safety attitudinal survey conducted by Farm Credit Canada in 2011. But how do you know what to do? From 1990 to 2008, Canadian...

Safety Innovation a Family Tradition at Cannor Nurseries

The owners of a Chilliwack, British Columbia nursery owe at least part of their success to a family legacy of farm safety innovation. Gordon Mathies and his daughter Tamara Mathies — representing the second and third generation of Mathieses to run Cannor Nurseries—...

Practice Makes Farm Safety Perfect

Safety planning on the farm is getting some attention this year from Alberta producers thanks in part to a farm safety plan pilot project and some willing volunteers. Two of those guinea pigs include Terry and Humphrey Banack of Roundhill, Alberta. The couple has...