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Dealing with problem employees

Published in the May 28, 2018 online edition of Farm Credit Canada’s Ag Knowledge Author: Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst, Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council How do you coach a problem employee, and when and how do you let them go? Meet and clarify...

Stress – Friend or Foe?

Much is being written, especially in dairy circles, about the impact of the current economic environment on the stress level of farmers. Most has implicitly or explicitly cast stress in a negative light. That is not the whole story. Stress is necessary for our normal...

Active Listening: The Lifeblood of Great Communication

Please think of a recent time when someone – employee, colleague, partner, family member, friend – was not listening when you had something important to say. Now think about how you felt and describe your feelings in one word. In workshops, feelings like...

Understanding Financial Well-Being

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sponsored a webinar this week to discuss Financial well-being: What it means and how to help. This study provides the first-ever definition of financial well-being created directly out of the voices of consumers. Consumers...

Recruiting Great Employees in the Twenty-First Century

Last Saturday my wife and I shopped for linens to upgrade our towel and wash cloth supply. We had passed the store on Friday but chose not to stop as were had not prepared. On Saturday, we spent at least an hour reviewing what we had in the linen closet and deciding...

Engaged Employees: Key to Successful Farm Business

by Darren Frye Posted to Farm Futures website ( July 1, 2013 Think about what you, as the farm owner, do for your business. You go the extra mile to make sure things get done. You work to improve the efficiency of your operations. You build strong...