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Inspired to Greatness

They were everyday topics of conversation – feedback and words of encouragement, and sometimes a recommendation to contact this or that person. But they were key moments in the story of how a small, out-of-the-way farm grew to be Québec’s largest organic meat...

Fresh Perspectives on Tools… Pinterest

These days, it seems as though a new social media app appears to the masses every day.  There are so many to sift through, it can be difficult to choose which ones will work best for you, let alone figure out what they actually do.  For many, Pinterest is...

Connecting with Customers

Fresh produce is a rarity north of 60, but the experience of Helen Green and Andrew Cassidy shows the local-food movement has ‘tons of room for growth.’ Helen Green and Andrew Cassidy are accidental farmers. Other careers brought the couple to Hay River, on the shore...

Fresh Perspectives on Marketing: Facebook

For any farm business that is trying to reach out to a customer, marketing needs to be a critical line item. It can help people become aware of you and what you offer. It can also translate those aware of your business into customers, repeat customers and even...

Fresh Perspectives on Tools: Instagram

Kaboodle, Dribble, Esty and TripIt. They are among the thousands of lesser known social networks that stand in the shadows of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But just because they don’t have hundreds of millions of users – doesn’t mean they have no value.  In this new...

New farm families building the future on Patchwork Gardens

BATTERSEA, ON – It wasn’t until Ian Stutt headed off to university – where he got his degree in development studies – that he began to consider a career in agriculture. “I grew up in the west island of Montreal in suburban Beaconsfield, not in a rural area,” he...