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Improve Your Farm’s Financial Success

Using a trusted farm business advisor or a team of advisors can help a farm reach greater financial success. “The Dollar$ and Sense – Measuring the Tangible Impacts of Beneficial Business Practice on Canadian Farms study shows that number three on the list of top farm...

Think Tank

It seems like a mystery: Studies show joining a farm management club boosts your bottom line, but the vast majority of farmers don’t belong to one. There’s a simple reason for that, says Richard Boonstoppel, a New Brunswick dairy farmer and current chair of...

Hard-won wisdom

Sean McGrath started his ranching career with a weather wreck – and that’s about as good as his luck got for several years. “We had a tremendous drought in 2002, and since we background our calves, that meant we had sold them when BSE hit in May 2003,” recalls the...

Machinery Benchmark helps assess capital investment

Benchmark assesses a farm’s machinery investment. Going back to 1998, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s Business Management Specialist Ted Nibourg has been tracking grain crop farmers, and cattlemen’s investments in farm machinery.  He uses a benchmark ratio...

Life Cycle Assessment for Agriculture

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a process for evaluating the environmental impact, or ‘environmental footprint’, of a product from cradle to grave. In our rapidly changing world, LCA is a key concept for farmers to keep in mind. “Life cycle assessment is the new math...

Canola Performance Trials Launched

Western Canadian farmers looking for unbiased canola variety comparisons to aid in variety selection received an early 2011 Christmas present with the release of the newly developed Canola Performance Trials (CPT) booklet in mid-December. The new Canola performance...