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Improve Your Farm’s Financial Success

Using a trusted farm business advisor or a team of advisors can help a farm reach greater financial success. “The Dollar$ and Sense – Measuring the Tangible Impacts of Beneficial Business Practice on Canadian Farms study shows that number three on the list of top farm...

Be the Difference As An Educator

Educators just don’t teach in schools. Educators are also 4-H leaders, coaches, Guide &Scout leaders and other adults with an interest in seeing youth and children learn and thrive in the community. Educators, whether in a school setting or in the community, can...

A Taxing Situation

Canadian farmers view Argentina as a global powerhouse – one of the world’s top exporters of soybeans, corn and wheat. But talk to Argentinean farmer David Hughes and you get a radically different perspective. In fact, Hughes says Job No. 1 for him is “surviving our...

Growing Rewards

Being bold and visionary sounds exciting, but at Hillside Gardens it meant stuffing filing cabinets with pieces of paper – lots and lots of paper. When the owners of the fourth-generation Ontario vegetable farm and packing plant decided a decade ago to implement...

Injuries Can Impact Farm Families for Life

Rejean Pommainville from Limoges, Ontario, is aging at the same pace as anyone else but he seems to feel it faster, which is painful for his wife Barbara Pommainville too, who can’t do anything to help him. All because of a farm injury. On July 17 2009, the...