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Fresh start for Quebec dairy farm

Highlights Massicotte Holsteins came about after a difficult split from the Massicotte’s 5 generation family business With financing from FCC, father and son visited farmers in the province to purchase cows and form their new herd Produce as much milk as possible...

Successful farm transition requires getting the paperwork done

by Dennis Stein, Michigan State University Extension Posted to Drovers Cattle Network ( July 10, 2013 The process of transitioning a farm from one generation to the next often runs into problems when family members have not put their transition...

Improve Your Farm’s Financial Success

Using a trusted farm business advisor or a team of advisors can help a farm reach greater financial success. “The Dollar$ and Sense – Measuring the Tangible Impacts of Beneficial Business Practice on Canadian Farms study shows that number three on the list of top farm...

Management Transition: Mentoring the Next Generation

Transitioning management responsibilities from one generation to the next is difficult. Founders often have invested a lifetime into building a business, a reputation, and goodwill with other business owners. There can be many different reasons founders are reluctant...

What to Keep

Things are different now. I’m viewing the world with longer-term eyes, through a lens of generations. I lost my parents a couple of years ago—both of them in the span of six months. Both of them passed away in their home, the one they lived together in for more than...