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Management Transition: Mentoring the Next Generation

Transitioning management responsibilities from one generation to the next is difficult. Founders often have invested a lifetime into building a business, a reputation, and goodwill with other business owners. There can be many different reasons founders are reluctant...

What to Keep

Things are different now. I’m viewing the world with longer-term eyes, through a lens of generations. I lost my parents a couple of years ago—both of them in the span of six months. Both of them passed away in their home, the one they lived together in for...

Sage advice for young and old

A lifetime in farming brings perspective. Two veteran farmers, Jean-Guy Vincent and Garry Meier, share theirs – one has some advice for young people entering farming while the other offers some thoughts for those passing on their operations. After 41 years in the hog...

Opening doors for young farmers

The statistics suggest one story. Young farmers tell another. The latest Census of Agriculture found the number of young farmers continues to plunge – with the percentage of farm operators under age 35 down nearly 60 per cent in the last two decades  (8.2% in 2011...

Succession advice: Just do it

Before he started succession planning, Kevin Olson first got pretty good at avoiding it. “The hardest part is getting started,” says the 50-year-old farmer from Plenty, Sask. “It’s easy to talk about it in generalities, but then you all kinda go back and start working...

Succession Planning: Preparing for Your Future

To grow the farming business you have today, you’ve invested years of your life and the bulk of your financial assets. But sooner or later, it’s inevitable that someone other than you will own and run your farm. Perhaps you’ll transfer your operation...