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Benchmarking Programs

FMC has partnered with Backswath Management Inc. to enhance the EAGLE farm performance program and expand its reach within Canada, while internationally, FMC has partnered with agribenchmark to expand Canada’s participation in this international benchmarking program.

EAGLE – Financial Analysis Software Program

EAGLE is a cloud-based, financial analysis software program built on a forecasting model. The software provides farmers with a set of valuable collection of financial ratios, indicators, and related information that they can confidently use to analyze the financial performance of their farm. There are no production-related metrics, meaning no ‘per acre’ or ‘per animal’ calculations. EAGLE, therefore, is applicable for use on any farm regardless of the farm’s sector.

Being seamlessly compatible with AgExpert is just one of the one the general attributes EAGLE offers. Financial and managerial benchmarking software, forecasting software, comparative analysis / scenario planning, trendline analysis, and online cloud-based data storage and access are also some of those attributes.

More specifically, farmers have praised the Program’s simplicity, ease of use, and clean presentation, and found value in using it as a decision making tool. Whereas consultants found a wealth of value in the multifaceted program that offers multiple applications, for example, finance, management, human resource management, and risk

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agri benchmarkis a global, non-profit network of agricultural economists, advisors, producers and specialists in key sectors of agricultural and horticultural value chains.

We use internationally standardised methods to analyse farms, production systems and their profitability. Our farm-level knowledge is combined with an analysis of international commodity markets and value chains. In this way we are able to provide scientifically consistent and soundly based answers on strategic issues to decision-makers in policy, agriculture and agribusiness.

agri benchmarkis a non-political and non-profit activity. Rules and values of the network are developed by mutual agreement. Methods and main results are exposed to an ongoing quality assurance process and are open for public discussion.

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Our Vision:
Canadian Farmers are world leaders for a sustainable future through farm business management excellence.

Our Mission:
To cultivate excellent Canadian farm business management, through awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices.