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Farming With Neighbours

The ability to develop and maintain effective, harmonious relationships with neighbours, the government and the media is becoming increasingly important to Canadian farmers’ competitiveness and prosperity. “Farming with Neighbours” explains how to...

Managing Market Risk

Managing market risk has never been more important for farmers than it is now. And it is vital for farm managers to have a good understanding of the risk management tools that are available. “Managing Market Risk” is an at-home study guide that will...

Cultivating Agritourism: Tools & Techniques for Building Success

Cultivating Agritourism: Tools and Techniques for Building Success contains thirteen chapters and an extensive resources appendix containing a wide range of websites and printed materials suited to “ cultivating agritourism”. Each of these easy-to-read chapters...

Agriculture & Agri-Business Structures – A Practical Guidebook

Agriculture and Agri-Business Structures is a practical guidebook to increase awareness of the various for-profit business structures as well as structures suitable for service and support organizations. This guidebook includes real-life examples, which illustrate why...

Ontario Farm Record Book

There is no substitute for using the right tool for the right job. This record book is the most valuable tool you can use in helping to make sound financial and other management decisions. It will show you the results of your management in dollars and cents....