Canadian Angus Association Mentorship Program

The Canadian Angus Association is excited to launch their Mentorship Program for new breeder development and support.

Mentorship is about sharing experiences and knowledge that will help someone through obstacles in their life and in their career. Often people are mentored or act as a mentor without even realizing the importance of what has taken place. Canadian Angus wants to promote mentorships to ensure these important relationships and sharing of knowledge continues to occur.

The Mentorship Program has three primary goals:

  • Support new and young Angus producers
  • Facilitate Angus producers with a network of expertise and community
  • Provide a forum to access tools to ensure success and longevity in the industry

Thinking of becoming a Mentor?

Being a mentor has great benefits:

  • Broaden your network and ties with the community
  • Enhance your analytical skills
  • Provide opportunities for professional exchange with a fresh perspective
  • Meet and connect with new and upcoming breeders
  • Help guide the future of the Canadian Angus industry
  • It feels good to help others

In addition, as part of the mentorship program, Canadian Angus will work with each engaged producer to identify knowledge, experience and opportunities that have potential to make new and/or young producers successful and sustainable within the industry.

Looking for a Mentor?

Have you ever wanted a second opinion? Looked for sage advice and maybe a kind word? Do you want to know what works and what doesn’t, without the trial and error of testing it out for yourself?

In addition to being partnered with a mentor, the Mentorship Program will include four workshops held at Angus Central and four others across Canada each year. These workshops will allow you to attend at least two information sessions. The workshops will be led by experienced producers, industry experts and research collaborators.

One-on-one mentorship will help ensure that information is understood and you are able to put it to good use. Individual mentors will be able to provide further details and more indepth explanations as they pertain to each individual’s situation.

So that you can access information repeatedly and at your convenience, videos and printed material will also be produced.

Everyone Benefits!

The Canadian Angus Mentorship Program provides a great opportunity for aspiring, new and experienced cattle producers to exchange experience and knowledge. Mentorship provides rewards for both the mentors as well as those being mentored.

Canadian Angus aims to develop a database of expertise to fill commonly identified gaps of knowledge in the industry.

Mentors and mentees will be encouraged to connect in person (if geographically possible) or by telephone. Ideally, the mentee would visit the mentor’s farm/ranch at least once to review how they run their operation.

The new producer development, support and Mentorship Program strives to engage young and new Canadian Angus producers and provide them with a structured avenue for support, mentorship and information in order to increase their success and longevity within the industry.

For more information or to enroll in the Canadian Angus Mentorship Program, please contact:

Nate Marin, Director of New Generation Breeder Development
(306) 869-7130
Carmen Koning, Member Value Team Leader
(587) 230-3520