Farm Transition Appreciation Day 2022

Farm Management Canada, Farm Credit Canada, BDO, RBC and the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Farm Transition Appreciation Day (FTADay) is taking place on January 11, 2022.

Over the next 10 years, 75% farms will change hands, yet according to the Agricultural Census, only 8% of Canada’s farmers have a written transition plan.

FTADay was created to acknowledge farm transition is a complex process, and to encourage and celebrate progress. FTADay is one day of the year when we can come together to share stories, advice and encourage farmers throughout their farm transition journey through a national social media campaign and learning events across Canada.

“Now more than ever we need to focus on our wins and share best practices on how to do succession well,” says Maggie Van Camp, BDO’s National Agricultural Practice Development Leader. “More importantly, we need to celebrate our generational farm families, who are the resilient and strong cornerstone of this country.”

“The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the positive steps farmers have taken to not only secure their own legacy but help ensure the continuity of Canada’s agricultural excellence through effective planning,” says Heather Watson, Executive Director of Farm Management Canada. “FTADay is not only a celebration; it is a call to action.”

FTADay 2022 provides an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the past year – celebrating achievements and identifying next steps with the support of industry experts.

Farmers, organizations and agribusinesses across the country are encouraged to share their farm transition success stories, tips, resources and tools to create a coast-to-coast buzz around farm transition and encourage Canada’s farmers to continue their transition journey.

Follow and mention Farm Management Canada and use #FTADay2022 to be part of the conversation on January 11th!

Here are some #FTADay event highlights for Farm Transition Appreciation Day 2022:

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