Healthy Farmer Agriwebinar Series

Part 1: You
with Gerry Friesen, The Recovering Farmer

We live in a fast-paced world where things are always changing. It is tough to get what you want. It is tough to keep up. At times it is simply a matter of survival. This chaos we work in and live in can have a detrimental effect on our health, our well-being and our relationships. It has the ability to create stress and conflict. To a degree, we thrive in chaos, but it does take its toll. Then as the body and mind become weary, our behaviours have a tendency to change. Our expectations for ourselves increase. Our expectations for others increase. And as that happens, relationships suffer, conflict ensues, and stress increases. Through research and lived experience find out how you can bring a sense of sanity and a more balanced life to the chaotic world we live in.


Part 2: Your Farm Business
with Kelly Dobson, LeaderShift

Research is now revealing that high performing leaders are behaving differently than average leaders. These differences in behaviour are accounting for large differences in the overall performance of businesses.

Kelly Dobson, Chief Leadership Officer of LeaderShift Inc. will discuss a proactive approach to managing the overall stress level on the farm that is also good for business and essential if you have growth aspirations. The research also has strong recommendations for how leaders can improve their effectiveness.


Part 3: Your Farm Family
with Elaine Froese, Family Farm Coach

Imagine a farm team where everyone’s opinion is heard, and counts. What would it feel like to have courageous conversations that create solutions? Join Elaine Froese for tools to strengthen the culture on your farm to have more energy for management. Elaine is a farm partner. She’s got a toolbox of common sense approaches to build healthy beliefs, behaviours and decision making choices that will build a happier farm team. She believes “culture beats strategy.” Learn tools to build a strong, fit marriage, too.