• Agricultural Mentorship Programs in Canada

    • Canadian Angus Association Mentorship Program
      The Mentorship Program has three primary goals: Support new and young Angus producers; Facilitate Angus producers with a network of expertise and community; Provide a forum to access tools to ensure success and longevity in the industry.
    • Cattlemen’s Young Leaders
      The Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Development Program provides formal and informal opportunities for young producers between the ages of 18 and 35 years to participate in industry-specific training and mentorship.
    • Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management-CTEAM
      CTEAM, ran by Agri-Food Management Excellence, can help develop and implement your own strategic and operations plans for your farm.
    • CRAFT Ontario – Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training
      CRAFT Ontario focuses on providing interns with a full-season of immersion into the world of ecological farming. This is a practical, hands-on learning experience where interns exchange their labour and commitment in order to benefit from a farmer’s time, instruction, and expertise.

    • Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre
      Located in Hillsburgh, Ontario, Everdale focuses on Farmer Training, School Programming and a Children’s Farm Camp, as well as public workshops.
    • Agriventure
      Agriventure offers a unique opportunity for young people aged between 18 and 30 to travel and work on a farm, in agriculture, horticulture or home management in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Europe and Japan. An Agriventure farm work placement will allow you to experience real life in another country, rather than just as a tourist.
    • FoodWork
      FoodWork is Canada’s site for jobs in local, organic and sustainable food. It includes mentorships as well as other food jobs and volunteer positions.
    • Farms at Work
      Offers a place to meet, learn, share, and explore for farmers in Durham, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland, Halibutron and Hastings. Farms at Work is working hard to attract new farmers to the region, support access to farmland and financing, ensure access to training opportunities, and support farmers in diversification and expansion to ensure that farmland stays in production.
    • GoodWork Environmental Jobs
      GoodWork is a green/environmental job site, including organic and sustainable agriculture. If you’re looking for other mentorship opportunities this is a good place to start.
    • Green Certificate Program
      The Alberta Government’s Green Certificate Program is an agricultural training program that uses an apprenticeship style of delivery to ensure participants ‘learn by doing’.
    • ACORN – Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network
      ACORN is a non-profit organization that promotes organic agriculture by facilitating information exchange, coordinating non-formal education, and networking with all interested parties both regionally and nationally. From seed to farmer to consumer, ACORN works to bring the whole picture together–making food choices healthier and more environmentally responsible.
    • Ignatius Jesuit Centre
      The Ignatius Jesuit Centre, near Guelph, Ontario, focuses on internships in ecology, sustainable agriculture, forestry, workshops, retreats, and spirituality.
    • Manitoba Farm Mentorship
      MFM, a program of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba, maintains a diverse library including new farmer training and organic and sustainable farming links, and partners with the Harvest Moon Society to deliver new/transitioning farmer supports in Manitoba.
    • Harvest Moon Society
      • The Harvest Moon Society matches aspiring farmers with new and experienced farmers for on-farm internships, and offers a variety of farmer training courses and workshops.
    • Nuffield Canada
      Nuffield Canada offers scholarships to agricultural leaders to expand their knowledge and network with top individuals around the world, to promote advancement and leadership in agriculture.
    • REAP Canada – Resource Efficient Agricultural Production
      REAP aims to increase the sustainability of farming systems and build up ecological methods of producing food, fibre, and fuel. Internships available through REAP help interns aged 19 to 30 years learn about ecological agricultural development and renewable energy.
    • The UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture
      The University of British Columbia Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture is an 8 month experiential learning program designed for aspiring farmers, urban gardeners, environmental educators, and students with an interest in applying their learning about sustainable agriculture and food systems. Program graduates share a vision of livelihoods and lifestyles grounded in sustainable and community-based food systems.
    • WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
      (Also known as Willing Workers on Organic Farms) In exchange for food, accommodation, and the opportunity to work and learn about organic farming, WWOOF volunteers are matched with farmers. (2 year Membership fee: $50.00)

    Young Farmer Organizations Across Canada