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Apply Now for the 2023 National Farm Leadership Program

In the complex business of farming where efficiency and effectiveness are key to success, interpersonal skills, relationships and work habits matter. Few of us consider our own leadership as a competitive advantage, however research shows that leader effectiveness can account for as much as 1/3 of business performance.

Leadership can’t be outsourced, but it can be developed.

Canada already has some of the best farm managers and increasing their leadership effectiveness is the next step. The National Farm Leadership Program teaches you how to perform at your best when it matters most.

Our Program fits into busy farm life to help you identify the critical development areas that will have the greatest impact on your personal and professional lives. Not only is leadership good for business, it’s good for the well-being of the leader and those they work with.

The next cohort of the National Farm Leadership Program will begin its journey on January 23, 2023. The program takes place over eleven weeks through virtual learning and a 3-day in-person residency. Monthly group coaching and personal coaching continues for the remainder of the calendar year to help participants realize positive change in real time.

Program details:

  • 6 weeks of structured online learning (January 23 – March 3)
  • 3-day residency in Victoria, BC (March 7-9)
  • A personal leadership assessment and a one-on-one review
  • Create a personal plan to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Monthly group and individual coaching for the remainder of the year (March – December)
  • Unlimited access to the LeaderLab (a private online community)

Led by certified executive coach and fourth generation farmer, Kelly Dobson who combines adult learning research, with neuroscience and IT, enabling leader development at any age.

Interested in enrolling?

Our next program starts January 23, 2023.
Visit to apply and discover our other offerings including the new InSight program.

The deadline to apply to the National Farm Leadership Program is January 18th.

Save on Tuition!

This program is eligible for cost-share funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and Canada Job Grant. Click here for a list of funding programs available.