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Agricultural Excellence Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2018 Agricultural Excellence Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Stay tuned for news about the 2019 Agricultural Excellence Conference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a valued contributor to Canada’s agricultural success we are offering a number of ways to participate and offer your support. Our delegates are your business. We hope you’ll see the value in putting your message front and centre during the event, showing your clients and/or potential business partners just how important they are to you in appreciation of their ongoing contribution to this country’s economic health.

For information regarding sponsorship, please contact:

Chris Penton
Business Development Lead
Farm Management Canada
250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6K7
Telephone: 613-237-9060 ext.23
Cell: 613-883-1012


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For inquiries, please contact:

Shawna Holmes
Conference Manager
Farm Management Canada
250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6K7

Our Vision:
Canadian Farmers are world leaders for a sustainable future through farm business management excellence.

Our Mission:
To cultivate excellent Canadian farm business management, through awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices.