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Farm Management Canada is a national umbrella for farm business management activity, and the only non-profit organization devoted exclusively to the development and delivery of advanced business management information, tools and resources to position Canada’s farmers for success.

Farm Management Canada is issuing this Request for Expressions of Interest for industry stakeholders interested in contributing to an industry-wide, national project that will make meaningful progress towards improved risk management for the agriculture and agri-food sector by promoting a comprehensive approach to managing risk.

The project includes a series of workshops designed to train producers and industry support services on comprehensive risk management. We will also be hosting a national risk management roundtable meant to guide the project and lead the charge towards the adoption of comprehensive risk management in Canadian agriculture.

We are seeking to identify industry stakeholders with expertise in agriculture and risk management to help inform the project over the next 3 ½ years to leverage our collective resources for maximum reach and impact.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in any or all of the following:

  • Participate in the national risk management roundtable
  • Promoting participation in the project and workshops
  • Sponsoring the project
  • Providing training during the workshops

As a cost-share project through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, we are actively seeking partners who can contribute their time and financial resources to the project.

Project Scope

Agriculture is, without a doubt, an industry riddled with risk and uncertainty. Farmers across Canada are left to the mercy of Mother Nature and other factors beyond their control in the political sphere and global marketplace. For farm managers, uncertainty can lead to poor planning and decision-making to the detriment of the farm and agricultural sector.

Risk management is about thinking strategically in advance and applying a process by which uncertainty can be reduced, where farmers are positioned to take calculated risks and seize opportunity.

Farm Management Canada believes that meaningful progress towards improved risk management for our agriculture and agri-food sector will only be achieved by investing in education and training that promotes a comprehensive approach to managing risk in agriculture. This project will inform and train farm managers and industry support services on using that approach, which goes beyond existing risk management programs and covers all types of risks that relate to people, finance, markets, management, environment and production. This approach will help the Canadian agricultural sector to avoid certain risks, reduce the impact of others and prepare for the risks that are unavoidable. As a result, farmers and the agricultural sector at large will have a better understanding of risk mitigation and management strategies and will be better equipped to confront change with confidence, seize opportunity and sustain competitiveness and prosperity.

This project will use a state-of-the-art risk management platform called AgriShield to provide farmers and professionals that work directly with farmers with much-needed training to identify, assess, prioritize and create comprehensive risk management plans. The project will also serve to establish industry benchmarks using baseline data to identify opportunities to meet the risk management needs of Canada’s farmers. A national roundtable will unite sector players around a common goal – to guide the industry towards comprehensive risk management.

Important Dates
Expressions of Interest received before November 8th, 2019 are preferred.
The project will be completed by December 31, 2022.

Submission Details
Please email a brief Expression of Interest to mathieu(at)

Your submission should include:

  • Brief history of your organization, company, self, including interest and relevant experience
  • Brief outline of desired contribution(s) to the project including personal time and financial support
  • Contact information and preferred method of communication

All Expressions of Interest will remain confidential.

Further information and clarification should be directed to:
Mathieu Lipari
Program Manager
Farm Management Canada
300-250 av. City Centre Ave.
Ottawa (Ontario) K1R 6K7
Tel 1-888-232-3262