Thank you so much to every one of you who joined us for our Seeding Success: Farm Business Assessment Workshops! Your commitment to farm business excellence is truly inspiring.

With the generous support of the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectorial Workforce Solutions Program, we were able reach producers all across Canada throughout February and March. The dedication (and bravery) Canada’s producers have shown in taking part in these workshops to assess their practices, establish a long-term vision and developing actions plan to reach their goals speaks volumes about their commitment to a bright future for Canadian agriculture and farming for generations to come.

By investing in farm business management, you are paving the way towards increased confidence, prosperity, and harmony within your farm team and family.

We hope the insights gained will serve as valuable tools as you continue to grow and thrive in your agricultural endeavors. Remember, the journey towards achieving your goals is ongoing, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

For those who were unable to join us, you can visit for full access to our free, online farm business practices assessment tool. You can even create your own account and save your assessments and action plans for future reference and review!

A special thank you goes out to our Provincial/Territorial Ministries and Departments of Agriculture for supporting our program delivery, and to our 200+ promotional partners.

We are incredibly proud to be part of such a passionate, collaborative, and dedicated industry!


“Very engaging. Hearing about others’ experiences, as well as sharing my own to show examples throughout the various subjects, was quite helpful!”

“It was easy to ask questions and the discussion helped guide where we need to focus our practices.”

“The information opened the door and what a great starting point to dig further into our farm management. Thanks for the great advice and help in getting our biz plan written down!”

“I intend to use the information on the farm as an assistance tool to help my team members assess and work through growth/expansion changes in their farm management practices.”

“Very engaging day. I learned how to engage my farm team to participate more actively in managing the farm business and decision making.”

“Great, was really an informative session, specifically the modules are presented in quite illustrative and elaborative way. This helps me in building plans and setting goals in a detailed way.”

About the Program

It’s no secret – primary producers who adopt farm business management practices enjoy increased profitability, confidence, peace of mind and family and farm team harmony.

But, what are the best practices when it comes to farm business management? And, where do you begin?

The Seeding Success: Farm Business Practices Assessment Workshop (known in some regions as Growing Your Farm Profits and others as Taking Stock) is designed to help producers improve their business practices by combining self-assessment and action plan development with access to support resources to achieve results: Assess, Act, Achieve!

Who Should Attend?

The one-day workshop is free and open to all producers – new and established. Farm families and management teams are encouraged to attend the workshop together.

What to Expect?

Participants will work their way through a series of self-assessment questions to identify their current practices under key management areas:

1. Production Management
2. Marketing
3. Financial Management
4. Human Resources
5. Succession Planning
6. Social Responsibility
7. Business Goals

Sample Questions:

Based on their self-assessment, participants will identify their top priority areas for improvement to start creating action plans. Participants will not be asked to share personal or financial details of their operations, but rather assess their practices against industry best practices. Participants will also learn about additional support and resources including advisory services, training and cost-share funding opportunities to help achieve their business goals.

The workshop is being offered FREE to producers in multiple locations across Canada thanks to funding from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council.

For more information, contact:

Colleen Acres
Project Manager
Farm Management Canada