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Ottawa – [August 23 2021] Farm Management Canada and Wittman Consulting are pleased to announce the release of the fully revised and updated Building an Effective Farm Management System Guidebook by farm management guru, Dick Wittman.

Following the international success of the previous version released in 2004, Dick Wittman along with Canadian partners Farm Management Canada consulted with farm management experts around the world to update the Guidebook to reflect current trends in farm management.

“Building an Effective Farm Management System is specifically designed to help farm businesses implement professional farm business management practices,“ says Heather Watson, Executive Director of Farm Management Canada. “That is why we were so excited to work with Dick on a new and improved version of the Guidebook as it provides farmers with a step-by-step approach to farm business management using countless examples and providing customizable worksheets so that farmers can create and build upon a comprehensive management plan and process for their farm”

With more than 100 pages of new content, including twice as many editable worksheets, the Guidebook is a valuable investment for farm managers and advisors alike. The new version combines conceptual content with working illustrations that give readers a clear vision of how to document and put key concepts into daily practice.

“Farm businesses have changed significantly since the 1st edition of the Guidebook including increasing layers of generational involvement and business relationships demanding more robust and transparent governance and management policies and processes,” explains Wittman. “This resource addresses these changes, offering new developments and refinements in farm management practices that are being followed by the most successful farm businesses.”

“My aspiration,” continued Wittman, “is that every farm business recognizes the importance of adopting professional governance and management practices and commits to make this aspiration a living reality to support ongoing success and transition to the next generation.”

Building an Effective Farm Management System is available now in hardcopy or digital. Visit today to purchase your copy.

Join us for Dick Wittman’s keynote address at Farm Management Canada’s 2021 Agricultural Excellence Conference November 24-26, 2021. Registration is free! Visit to register.

For more information or media inquiries, contact:
Heather Watson, Executive Director
Farm Management Canada
Dick Wittman, CEO
Wittman Consulting