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The 23rd International Farm Management Conference will be hosted by the University of Copenhagen from June 26th to July 1st 2022 at the Frederiksberg Campus.

The theme of the conference is Strategic Farming in Scandinavia and will focus on what it takes to be a successful farm business manager under a variety of circumstances and different conditions. You are invited to explore farming and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Scandinavia during the conference, and the pre- and post-conference tours. You will experience how world quality products are produced and how respect for the environment is embedded in the decision making. You will have the opportunity to experience Scandinavian hospitality first-hand and understand why the three countries are ranked as some of the happiest countries in the world!

IFMA23 will include a wide spectrum of topics including:

  • Market (Consumer perspective
    • Working with global and local markets (resilient farming businesses, global food security, negotiating best prices for inputs and outputs, The Nordic Kitchen, organic food, and door delivery)
  • Financing (Financial perspective
    • Financing the farm business (share farming, contract farming, non-farming investors, new generations and international farming)
  • Production (Internal process perspective
    • Technology (new technologies including robotics and traditional farm equipment)
  • Leadership and organization (Organizational perspective)
    • Labour force of the future (young entrants, succession and influences of the family)
  • Strategic development (Innovation and development perspective)
    • Entrepreneurship (diversification and adding value)
  • Regulations and international relations
    • Environmental regulations and challenges (water quality, pesticides, ammonia and GHGs). International trade relations (trade deals, Brexit, WTO, etc.).

Additional Programs:

Pre-conference tour: Norway – Sweden – Denmark 18-25th June 2022

You will make your way from Norway, through Sweden and onto Denmark and experience historic attractions and successful farming operations. Read more here.

Post-conference tour: Jutland, Denmark 1st July – 7th July 2022

You will see the rest of Denmark and experience historic attractions and successful farming operations in Denmark. Read more here.

Accompanying person program and tours: 26-30th June 2022.

The Accompanying persons’ Tour aims to show you some of the best historic sites outside Copenhagen whilst driving along the coast and through beautiful countryside. We aim to give you a sense of rural Denmark and an opportunity to see typical Danish historic towns whilst visiting famous historic castles, our world UNESCO heritage Cathedral and delving back to the time of the Vikings. Read more here.

Next Gen Workshop: 25-26th June 2022.

Join the Next Gen program for young ambitious farm managers in a pre-conference program. You will be introduced by participating in group exercises to handle real farm cases based on farm visits. Through group discussions, you will learn about perspectives on farm management themes as choose right strategy and develop knowledge to have a successful strategy. You can build lasting friendships with ambitious farm managers from other parts of the world through the event and conference. Read more here.

Important Dates:

1st March 2022
Deadline for paper and poster submissions

15th April 2022
Notification regarding papers and posters

1st May 2022
Deadline for Early Bird

18th – 25th June 2022
Pre-Congress Tour: Norway – Sweden – Denmark

25th – 26th June 2022
Next Gen Workshop

26th June – 1st July 2022
International Farm Management Congress

1st July – 7th July 2022
Post-Congress Tour: Jutland, Denmark

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Heather Watson
Canadian Representative and Social Media Lead, IFMA Council


Executive Director / Directrice générale
Farm Management Canada / Gestion agricole du Canada
Ottawa (Ontario) Canada