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Seeking Nominations to the Board of Directors

Notice is hereby given that nominations to Farm Management Canada’s Board of Directors are officially open. Members in good standing and motivated to contribute to the governance of Canada’s only national organization dedicated to supporting farm business management best practices, are invited to stand for election to the Board of Directors.

Farm Management Canada is seeking nominees to fulfill five (5) positions on the Board of Directors.

Nominees can be from any of the following member categories:

  • Farmer
  • Member at Large
  • Association/Organization
  • Academic Institution
  • Corporate

Please note: One (1) position must be filled by an Association/Organization, Academic Institution or Corporate member.

The Board of Directors is seeking nominees with demonstrated experience and proficiency in at least one of the following areas:

  • Business Development and Growth
  • Not-for-Profit Growth and Development
  • Government Relations

However, Nominations are welcome from those individuals whose skills reside outside of the above.

Directors will be expected to serve a full three-year term and are permitted to serve a maximum of three consecutive 3-year terms. Those who are nominating or have been nominated should keep the 3-year term in mind when letting their name stand for election.

Nominations will close at 17:00 hrs. Eastern Time, Friday May 13, 2022.
After this time, no further nominations will be accepted.

Important Dates to Remember:
May 13 – Nominations due
May 27 – All Resolutions must be submitted for consideration
June 3 – Elections open/ Voting Packages sent to members
June 24 – Online Voting closes
July 12 – Annual General Meeting (virtual)

Email your completed nomination forms to the Head Office at info(at)

All eligible candidates are asked to submit a 250-word biography of their experience, qualifications, and value they will bring to the Board of Directors, along with an electronic photograph of themselves (.jpg or .png).

Elections will be conducted by electronic voting prior to the Annual General Meeting taking place online July 12, 2022. Elections packages will be distributed to all members through email by June 3, 2022. The deadline for receipt of your completed vote is June 24, 2022.

For more information and details on nomination criteria, consult the documents below:

Call for Nominations from the Elections Chair
Board of Directors Nomination Form and Nominee Biography Template
Q&A for Prospective Board Members
Director Duties and Obligations Outline
2021-22 Board of Directors Listing
Call for Resolutions and Resolution Input Form

Should you require further information regarding the nomination and election process, please contact Farm Management Canada Head Office by email at info(at)