Terms & Conditions

The Farm Management Canada operates the fmc-gac.com Web site (the “Site”). The terms and conditions that appear below constitute a contract between you and Farm Management Canada and govern the use of the Site. Farm Management Canada may modify these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.


By using the Site, you acknowledge having read and understood these conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these sales terms and conditions, you may not use the Site, nor may you order products through the Site.

1. Order Acceptance

The receipt by e-mail of an order confirmation does not constitute acceptance, by Farm Management Canada, of such an order or the confirmation of an offer to sell. Farm Management Canada reserves the right, without any prior notification, to refuse service to any customer and/or limit the order quantity of any item ordered. Verification of personal or credit card information may be required at any time by Farm Management Canada prior to the acceptance of any order.

2. Payment methods

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Cheques or money orders are not accepted.

3. Price

3.1 The price payable for each product that you order is as set out with regard to each product offered on the Site.

3.2 Transportation, delivery charges through Canada Post Standard Service are included. Applicable sales taxes will be added.

3.3 Farm Management Canada reserves the right to modify the prices of products offered on the Site at any time, without prior notice.

3. 4 All prices are in Canadian dollars.

4. Returns Policy

4.1 You may return products to Farm Management Canada at any time up until 30 days after receiving them by calling Farm Management Canada at 1-888-232-3262. You may not return books if they are damaged or if the cover is bent, except if the products are defective. You will assume the delivery charges.

4.2 Returning defective products: If an item is defective, it will be exchanged for a new copy of the same product. If Farm Management Canada has not delivered the right product, you will receive the correct product. In both cases, you will assume the delivery charges. Farm Management Canada does not accept returns that exceed 30 days following the receipt of the product.

4.3 Upon receipt of returned products, any sum debited from your credit card account in favour of Farm Management Canada with regard to these products, will be credited as soon as possible, on the condition, however, that the products being returned are returned by you and received by Farm Management Canada in the same condition as that in which they were at the time they were delivered to you.

5. Product Availability

Farm Management Canada does not guarantee in any case the availability in inventory of products offered on the Site. If  Farm Management Canada is unable to deliver to you one or other of the products that you have ordered due to insufficient inventory, Farm Management Canada will advise you by e-mail.

6. Product Delivery

6.1 Farm Management Canada will deliver the products ordered by you to the address you transmitted at the time of your order.

6.2 Farm Management Canada will perform delivery through Canada Post Standard Service as quickly as possible after acceptance of your order. Delivery times may vary according to the delivery destination. Delivery times are estimated from the moment that the products leave Farm Management Canadas place of business.

6.3 For any products delivered outside of Canada, you are responsible for all customs brokerage fees and any other costs related to exporting outside Canada.

6.4 Delivery of products is subject to the rules of the delivery companies with which Farm Management Canada does business, as well as the rules of any other company with which Farm Management Canada may do business from time to time.

6.5 Farm Management Canada must have received the full payment for products to be delivered to you before proceeding with their delivery.