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Who We Are

Farm Management Canada (FMC) is an award-winning, trusted management resource for farm business managers and others in the agriculture industry.

We are the only national organization dedicated exclusively to providing the resources necessary to enable Canadian farmers to make sound management decisions.

FMC partners with industry stakeholders, including: governments, public and private sector organizations, and farm and commodity associations, to promote and foster the development of excellence in Canada’s agricultural sector.

Supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and a growing number of private partners, FMC is fulfilling a significant role in nurturing a thriving Canadian agriculture industry.

Our Vision:
Canadian Farmers are world leaders for a sustainable future through farm business management excellence.

Our Mission:
To cultivate excellent Canadian farm business management, through awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices.



National Transition Program

This program seeks to help bridge the gap between generations of farmers to provide Canada’s future farmers with the best chance for success. It is comprised of a series of Succession & Transition Planning workshops for farm families, coupled with a Successor Development program, exclusively for young farmers.

National Training Program

AME’s Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management (CTEAM) Program is Canada’s only national farm management training program, and the only program that uses your own farm data to create a strategic plan specifically for your operation. Proudly supported by Farm Management Canada.

Agricultural Excellence Conference

Farm Management Canada (FMC) will host the next Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) in Fredericton, New Brunswick from December 2-4 2019.

The Agricultural Excellence Conference is a one-of-a-kind event in Canada, focusing on bringing diverse industry experts and stakeholders together from across disciplines, regions and commodity sectors to share insights and explore beneficial farm management practices, with leading farm business thinkers.

Assessment & Analysis Programs

FMC has created a risk assessment and management platform called AgriShield®. enabling farms to take a 360 degree view of their risk situation.

FMC has also partnered with Backswath Management Inc. to enhance the EAGLE farm performance program and expand its reach within Canada, while internationally, FMC has partnered with agribenchmark to expand Canada’s participation in this international benchmarking program.

National Agriwebinar Series

Agriwebinar® provides farmers and agriculture professionals with access to topical and timely farm business management information from anywhere at any time.

National Awards , Scholarships & Funding

Our awards include:

  • Excellence Award for Agricultural Students
  • Wilson Loree Award
  • Brigid Rivoire Award for Champions of Agricultural Mental Health